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  • If others' work can be believed, my most ancient known ancestor is John Hygebed, born 1450 in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, England. ->
  • I'm surprised that almost every lineage of mine I've traced so far came to America before the Revolution. I had thought some had come later. ->
  • @M_Carbonaro It's better to order a dildo shaped water bottle. More utility and it triggers nice ads for fitness gear and electrolyte lube. in reply to M_Carbonaro ->
  • 2am seems like a good time to heat up a pint of Meijer's Amish baked beans. Nom, ->
  • I'm signed up for the 2013 Phillips 66 National Championships & World Championship Trials in June in Indy. #backtothepool #IndyWorldTrials ->
  • @NathanTheWanted I would buy a cloned Nathan and teach him to play clarinet and to perform minor housekeeping tasks. #mellifluous in reply to NathanTheWanted ->
  • I've lost all of my U-verse dvr recordings. I'm consoling myself with a plate of mini (vegetarian) corn dogs, but they only mask the pain… ->
  • @benshapiro That should be corrected to state, "The attempt to derail the pursuit of this scandal is politically motivated." in reply to benshapiro ->

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  • Melburnians help you to have no worries, mate. Nice city. Very tourist friendly. Cozy. ->
  • @Zprater1 Yep, and I mentioned you on the flight over to the person sitting next to me, telling how I was inspired at last to book the trip. in reply to Zprater1 ->
  • I didn't care for the script, but James Earl Jones and Angela Lansbury performing in Driving Miss Daisy is great theater. #Melbourne #RowR ->
  • I come on little cat feet. I sit looking over harbor and city, on silent haunches, and then move on. ->
  • After hours of back to back walking tours, my feet are dogs, and they are tired. Woof. ->
  • @Zprater1 Yes, the end of the "I'm Free" city walking tour, and before the evening Rocks tour. in reply to Zprater1 ->
  • The key to walking in a sketchy area is to look a little deep-seated crazy. You're left alone as one of them, or too unpredictable to bother ->
  • When I'm a stranger in a strange land, I long for my Indiana home. Through the sycamores, are the candlelights still gleaming? #Hoosier ->
  • I feel better being in Kings Cross after dark than George St in Sydney. Tired of seeing so many people in black who do not look good in it. ->
  • "Street Football" at Circular Quay. AKA soccer in a cage. ->
  • The apple cider at Lord Nelson Brewery is pretty good. So is the meat pie. #sydney ->
  • I'm singing along with a street performer at Martin Place. Mozart's Queen of the Night Aria, but several octaves lower. Alcohol does that. ->
  • @Zprater1 I call this one, "(Not) So Good (sans people)". ->
  • In Manly, a future Justin Bieber performs. A future stage performer follows along. ->
  • I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. (Though odds are, this is it.) No baby wombat in my suitcase though, yet. ->
  • I had a feeling I would be taking a baby wombat home. I was right. ->
  • @HawaiianAir Doug on flight 452 SYD-HNL 5/5/13 is the best flight attendant I have ever flown with. Top notch. Great personality. ->

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  • The ignorance of what "Miranda" actually refers to is amazing. Miranda warns you of your right to remain silent, etc., it doesn't grant it. ->
  • You always have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney when arrested. Everyone should know that. Miranda just reminds you. Jeez ->
  • I have deleted all my posts from Posterous before it closes 4/30. I liked it, but I had doubted the site's longevity and didn't use it much. ->
  • A journey of 19000+ miles begins with but a single step, and flight. Completed both. ->
  • The only good reason to be at LAX is to see celebrities. I don't see any celebrities. ->
  • I want to see if I come across the sea, will boundless plains be shared with me. I think they're anthemically bound to do so. ->

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  • The papas rellenas at Cafe Versailles at MIA are pretty good. I wish I had eaten only there instead of going to Manchu Wok first. :( ->
  • I like real international airports. I like to hear the foreigners speaking their foreign tongues. There's a lot tonight in Miami airport. ->
  • In the past I have reported to the nearest policeman suspicious package, person, and situation. People need to get back in the habit of this ->
  • @NathanTheWanted I hope you get well soon. There should be good doctors in Los Angeles. in reply to NathanTheWanted ->
  • Anyone who tweets explicitly that (their) life is awesome should be slapped, hard. Be mindful that life isn't awesome for many people. ->

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  • I wouldn't have expected to wear a sweater in April, but it's in the thirties. On the other hand, the cold keeps tornados away, so okay. ->
  • .@TheWanted at the White House Easter egg roll, reading a children's story. Funny. ->
  • @Steele_Johnson Greg Louganis and David Boudia doing a perfect synchro was something to see. Fantastic. in reply to Steele_Johnson ->
  • @NathanTheWanted I have a headache and I had to throw out expired turkey meat. The ham isn't expired but it smells funny. I used mustard. in reply to NathanTheWanted ->
  • My Ben Sherman Union Print flight bag was delivered today, from England. Love it. ->
  • @michellemalkin The ONE thing that should be demanded with immigration "reform" is NO amnesty/residency if identity theft/fraud perpetrated. ->
  • I hate selecting from a drop down list of countries and having to scroll to the bottom for United States. Still, glad I'm not in Afghanistan ->

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